Who are we?

Nice to meet you, we are Dianne and Peter van Ree. After a construction period of more than a year, the kennel of the Halserug is a fact and can recently be presented. Peter and I are dog lovers in general with a great love for hunting dogs. For both of us, we have been surrounded by various dog breeds from our childhood. At Peter’s house was the Malinois and at my house the Cocker Spaniel. When I left home soon came the Siberian Husky and the Alaskan Malamute. Together we had a Heidewachtel for 13 years. Normally we can be found monthly in the German forests with Juno and Mila. Peter and I like to join various pressure hunts together with the dogs. In addition, Peter has his own hunting area with a number of other hunters in Hesse. I myself obtained the Certificate of Professional Competency in Keeping Animals in 2019.

The environment

The love for dogs naturally requires space, time and patience. In 2018 we were lucky enough to be able to buy a farm in beautiful Halle in the Achterhoek. This location fits exactly with our image of the ideal place to keep such dogs. The house is secluded on the edge of the forest with lots of space and even our own piece of forest. We have chosen to fence the entire site in such a way that all the animals we keep can roam freely. We then built a kennel to offer the dogs an optimal home.

Introducing the breed

We have been active in the yachting world since 2005. In these 15 years we have built up a broad network. We came into contact with the breed through an acquaintance: the Slovensky Kopov (Slovak Kopov). Vincent van Leuken and his wife Betty own Baba. Baba was our first introduction to the breed. We were very impressed and soon fell in love with the breed. It soon became clear to us that we also wanted to continue with this breed. Vincent and Betty then made contacts for us in Slovakia. It took a total of almost two years before the right match came into view for us. The two puppies, Juno and Mila, come from two top breeders, who both live half a day’s travel apart. Both breeders, Michaela Antelova and Marek Cipker (Breeders of Mila (Dora Warduina)) and Jaroslava (Breeder of Juno (Dajmont)) were very nice and hospitable people. The parents of both puppies are recognized champions. They both come from completely different bloodlines. The mother of Juno (Dajmont) is world champion conformation, her name is Bony. Juno’s father is called Haro. The father and mother of Mila (Dora Warduina) are called Gary and Ezra. They have both won several awards in the European yachting world. In 2019 we went to Slovakia to meet the parents and the puppies. Vincent also found a hunting buddy for Baba at that time: Juno’s sister, Donna.

The future

Juno and Mila are now both two years old since May 2021. We hope to welcome a litter this year. The mating took place at the end of July. At the end of August there will be an ultrasound and we will of course keep you informed, this information can be found in the news items.