Welcome to kennel the Halserug in Halle.

Welcome to the Halserug kennel in Halle. Two dogs currently live in the Halserug kennel: Juno and Mila. Our lovely dogs are with us in and around the house for a large part of the day. The kennel was specially built for Juno and Mila in 2020/21, but will also be able to provide a home for several dogs in the future. The dogs have a spacious enclosure that exceeds the legal requirements. There is enough space within the kennel walls and the dogs can easily find their way to the outside kennel from their accommodation.

In addition, Juno and Mila can be found free on the outside area for a large part of the day. The outside area offers all dogs enough space and opportunities to use up their energy during the day. The entire outside area is fenced to give the dogs as much freedom as possible.

We are a member of the”Nederlandse Brakkenvereniging” and have had hunting dogs since 2005. Juno and Mila are active in the hunt. The kennel name has been requested from the council and we will soon be available on their website. (www.raadvanbeheer.nl/Kennelvandehalserug).


Der Hundezwinger