Peter and Dianne – Juno and Mila

Eerste maisdrukjacht in Duitsland

Variety characteristics

The Slovensky Kopov is often used for hunting large game and is excellent as a sweat dog. In addition, he is a fanatic in stobering. What is just as important, he also lends itself very well as a family dog.

Who are Juno and Mila?

Our dogs are called Juno and Mila. They have been with our family since July 2019 and they are now both over two years old.
They are real purebred dogs. Juno and Mila are both a Slovak Beagle (Slovensky Kopov). This dog breed is also known as the Slovak Hound. The Slovensky Kopov is the national hunting dog in Slovakia. The dog is used in Slovakia as a loyal four-legged friend to help the big game hunter.

What are the properties of a Slovensky Kopov?

The dogs are used all over Slovakia to support the hunt. Because the Slovakian landscape and large game can be very challenging for the dog, the breed has a number of strong characteristics that suit the environment and its task. The Kopov has a number of specific properties:

Hunting related properties

  • They are specially bred for hunting.
  • They have a lot of energy and excellent stamina which allows them to perform their task for hours without the slightest sign of fatigue.
  • The dog has an excellent sense of smell, so it is no problem to follow a certain sweat trail for miles.
  • They are temperamental, persistent and tough.
  • The dog is naturally somewhat independent and willful.
  • They are also very intelligent and relatively easy to train. They are very boss oriented so it is wise to start socialization and training early.
  • The dog is highly trainable but requires a firm, consistent hand to control the dog’s passion and hunting impulses.
  • The dog falls under FCI group 6, running dogs and sweating dogs.

House related properties

  • The Slovensky Kopov is very social and a nice dog to have around the house.
  • He is very affectionate and gets along well with children.

Physical characteristics

  • They have excellent stamina.
  • The dog has strong muscles, which allows them to run very explosively, quickly and for a long time.
  • They have elastic muscles that allow them to move with ease and dexterity. This also ensures that they can move well through difficult terrain.

What kind of care does a Kopov need?

The Slovensky Kopov has a typical Hound coat. The hair is short and soft to slightly rough. Regular brushing of the coat is sufficient. The ears are moderately sized and like any other breed can be prone to infection. The Slovensky Kopov is a strong and vital breed and so far little is known about congenital health problems.

In addition to its character traits, the dog also has a number of strong physical characteristics.

This implies that the dog needs at least one hour of exercise at moderate to vigorous intensity per day.



The appearance

An adult male is about 48 cm high and the weight is between 20 and 26 kilograms. An adult female is about 43 cm high and the weight is between 15 and 20 kilograms.
The coat is approx. 2-5 cm long, lying flat with a dense undercoat.
The dog is mostly black with brown to mahogany markings around the muzzle, chest and feet.
What does the past tell us about the Slovensky Kopov?
Although the etymology of Slovensky Kopov’s name is unclear, the breed originated
from Slovakia. It is believed to have originated sometime in the Middle Ages. A hunting dog related to the German Beagle. Its origin is in the Balkan states and Hungary. It is still a rare breed (especially outside its home country). Since its inception, the Slovensky kopov has had an excellent reputation for its ability to follow a scent for hours on end without the slightest sign of fatigue. The breed was not recognized for years until a breeding program was started after World War II, which resulted in the first breed standard and studbook. In 1963 the Slovensky Kopov was officially recognized by the FCI and the first breed club was founded in 1988. The SLovensky Kopov now falls under the Dutch Brakken Club.

Mila likes to get into mischief..

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